Fully-immersive, 3D environments feel like you're actually in and experiencing the space

3D Capture, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality is the next big innovation in how we interact with our world through the screen

As early pioneers of 3D services, the team at SkyDef Productions understands the rapidly advancing landscape that exists within the 3D Capture, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality space. It is absolutely the next big innovation in how we interact with our world through the screen. What really excites us most is how one single product offers such an endless cascade of benefits for our clients. Quality 3D Capture has numerous benefits for any business. Best of all, it is incredibly affordable, as it is one of the best values we offer.

Engagement is key to successful online marketing

Once engaged, we want your clients to interact on your site for as long as possible. Sharing a 3D Virtual Tour with a fun hide-and-seek twist is a proactive method for keeping users entertained and thereby, engaged. You can engage site visitors with an online representation of your visitor center, complete with photos and videos to guide them through a tour!

Visit this guest room at Grand Targhee Resort. Can you find Sasquatch?

Planning a visit to Teton Valley, Idaho? Take a look at why you should!

Up your SEO game with Google Street View

With Google Search playing such an important role in small business growth, business owners and marketers are constantly looking for ways to ​increase their online visibility.

As Google-Trusted Photographers, we can upload your 3D space to ​the Google platform. Google Street View virtual tours are a powerful and affordable local SEO ​strategy that can significantly improve your Google-driven leads and sales. In fact, Google ​states that 3D virtual tours lead to a 100 percent increase in business listing interest.

Stand out in the Real Estate Market

Real Estate has been the pioneering market for 3D capture and True3D Virtual Tours inside spaces. The efficacy in this market is becoming hard to argue as we are seeing a large, rapid increase in adoption rates. 3D capture and True3D Virtual Tours are excellent tools to help you manage showings and qualify a buyer’s interest, saving all parties time in the end. While it may not be needed in every home, it is an excellent choice when selling in a market where out-of-area buyers are the norm, or the property is remote and difficult to access.

Historical Preservation

Often, old historic places lack significant architectural drawings and are one disaster away from being lost forever. Capturing these spaces in 3D will provide detailed digital ‘backup’ data. This information can also be used for future preservation efforts, as well as sharing with the general public for awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Architectural • Engineering • Construction

Maintenance & Offsite Vendors

Capturing your space in 3D can help maintenance staff by labeling building instructions and information. Your assets are well documented for insurance and liability purposes. You can share valuable building data with vendors and simplify bidding processes, thus saving time for all involved.

Insurance & Claims Adjusting

There is simply no better way to document your spaces and all the content within than by 3D Capture. From asset documentation to speeding up claims, some of the largest insurers in the U.S. are turning to 3D Capture with detailed digital data to assist in processing significant claims.

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